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Tricks to make the best 3D models

November 15th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Making the best and top-class 3D models is possible just by following some simple procedures. They are in very high demand in the market. It is a nice way to generate some extra money for yourself, and it is not too bad for your portfolio either, as your purchasing audience ranges from hobbyists to illustrators to gaming studios, ad agencies and other multimedia companies.

Given are some useful tips for making the top 3D models.

Perfect UV maps

Industry standards like UV Layout and Unfold3D offer great unwrapping and packing options Always ensure your UV map is distortion-free and arranged in a logical order. You’ll save your users time and effort, as a lot of purchased content ends up re-textured and tweaked to fit the client’s needs.

Be professional

Nothing eats more into creative time than wading through unnamed layers or groups filled with objects named with awkward numbers and numerical combinations. It shows unprofessional attitude. This practice helps your fellow artists to do a good job and name your layers and groups as you go.

Always flat textures

The customer decide where the scene’s light is going to bounce or reflect in the texture, and save them from having to strip it out in Photoshop or any other program. Artists still add light to their textures and decide on the color composition with out the knowledge of the client which is not accepted.

Go to details

The professional attitude of an artist is understood by the way in which one presents the work that is made. Always enclose a readme file so the user knows what they can and cannot do with your files, and add your broker name’s, Facebook and Twitter feed, as a social media presence is a must.

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