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Top things for Storyboard Artists to consider

November 30th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Storyboard artists use drawings and computer software to plan the shots and images for commercials, films, and television shows. The art of storyboarding is used in film from earlier times but the use of program and other tools have further enhanced the process and made it more organized and adoptable.

Given is the list of the best pointers to know for storyboard artists.

About the field

A storyboard is one method of planning ahead. By visualizing your shots with a storyboard, you can see how your shots fit together before you’ve shot a single foot of film or frame of video, which will prevent you from wasting both time and footage. A good storyboard allows you to show your crew what you have in mind, and saves you from trying to convey what you want with wordy explanations and frustrated hand gestures. There are different kinds of shots that can used such as long, shot, medium shot, closeup, extreme closeup, master shot, point-of-view shot. The many camera movements involved are panning and tilting, tracking, zooming and revealing

Educational degrees

To get a job in the reputed studio as a storyboard artist, needs some educational background in the field. Digital arts programs can teach students about the latest animation technologies and editing techniques, offering an adequate preparation for a career as a storyboard artist. Courses might include visual storytelling, color theory, character design, design theory and digital illustration. Courses may focus specifically on storyboarding and introduce students to various storyboard models and methods of creating storyboards for a variety of audiences. Television graphics, special effects and music for animation are a few additional areas that these programs could cover.

Work experience

Studios also give preference to candidates having experience of working as a storyboard artist professionally. A professional portfolio could help storyboard artists secure jobs and become experienced with a variety of projects and artwork. Working as a freelance artist could help individuals not only to gain experience in a variety of projects and industries, but to form professional connections as well. Such experience could help individuals to determine in which industry, if any, that they would like to specialize in any particular aspect and try their best to excel in that specific domain.

Career scope

There is a huge amount of scope in this discipline and with the growth of this industry, the market needs more efficient and fast-learning storyboard artists who can easily adopt to the new technologies. Having a better understanding of the various aspects of film and television production can help storyboard artists when collaborating with directors on projects Through this field, individuals could learn more about the language of cinema, staging and how to create dialogue for characters and get overall idea of film making.

Remunaeration scale

The salary scale for storyboard artists start on a lower scale but gradually increases with experience and responsibilities as in any other position. Storyboard artist salaries vary greatly based on experience, benefits, the size and type of company, industry, geographic location, and other factors.

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