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Tips to make your own video game

November 12th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

When it comes to designing your game, and grabbing the attention of those all-important supporters, you need to take many hardships to achieve your goal. Whether you are making a film, or making a game, as a developer or creator, you are still trying to immerse your audience.

Some of the best ideas to design your own video game is shared with viewers.

Gain maximum knowledge

Know the subject matter intimately. You need to become an authority on the subject and setting of your game. The more you know about the content, even the most subtle and intricate details, the better the end product will be. And others that are passionate will take notice. Like if it is a racing game, you should know cars and racing inside out.

Know the trends

There are really innovative ideas for game features that come out of the mod community. Keeping an eye on trends can really boost your inspiration and better align your project with what is going to be hot in a year. This usually starts in the independent scene and goes further.

Think different

There are usually workarounds or ways to implement things that make almost anything possible. Your process is usually the most limiting thing you have. Know your limitations early on but try to find shortcuts to maximize that as much as possible and the world is looking for something that they have never witnessed before.

Understand the medium

Know the industry thoroughly and total work pipeline. When you over-complicate, you slow down creativity and your ability to get to the prototype stage. You need to focus your features/mechanics down to their most simple form and slowly grasp over the entire subject in its totality.

Start working

You don’t need worry with fidelity, lighting, sound, etc. Just get your ideas built immediately and let other people poke at it. Get to prototype as fast as humanly possible as Ideas sound great on paper and you can stare at your design doc for days. But none of that really matters until you can properly test those concepts.

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