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Things studios are looking for in concept artist

November 24th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

It is not easy to get a job in this highly competitive industry. Having the best knowledge and artwork will not get you into your dream job. You will have to make some serious attempts in an organized and fruitful manner to come into the professional market from being an learner of the medium.

Given are some vital steps to follow in your pursuit for a concept artist job.

Have portfolio website

Making a website for your portfolio will enhance your chance for looking professional and grabbing the attention of recruiters. It will need to meet industry standards to be taken seriously. Besides your artwork, your site should include your resume and contact info such as a phone number or email address. Always be sure that the site is easy to navigate, and that there is little clutter to distract the eye. No ads, music or flashy animations are needed. It is also important that your content is optimized as efficiently as possible to minimize load times.

Creating resume

You will need to create a resume listing your credentials, educational background and employment history for the purpose of job application. Make it as professional-looking as possible, and keep it under two pages in length though one page is better. There are hundreds of ways on how to do this, that you can find out and remember not to put any typographic errors.

Visit industry event

At an expo, getting face-to-face time with a studio representative is the best way to make a lasting impression, since you are not only showing off your work but your personality and consider it a mini-interview. It is important to note if they had any comments or advice – and more importantly, if they want you to follow up with them. Without an awareness of which studios you want to work for, a solid body of work, and a resume to match, you will be wasting a lot of time and money.

Try contests

In the age of advertising and promotions, standing out of the crowd is important. Besides your website and social media, post your work on professional concept art galleries. Submit your work to art contests, both online and in print. Doing so increases your visibility and the chance that someone might discover you before you even apply. It will also give you a taste of real-world deadlines, restrictions and pressures.

Professional contact

You should also be connecting to other artists in the industry via social networks, public galleries and forums. Form a relationship with them by following their blogs, commenting on any pieces they post publicly, and by sending them the occasional quick email. It is beneficial for any artist to be part of a network of industry professionals who look out for one another.

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