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Rules of typography for every design student

November 18th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Effective typography is very essential for the sucess and impact of design elements and text on the market. The anatomy of a typeface along with the various standards and measurements generally followed by the industry for the basis of typography. There are many different factors that sum up to the success of typography in text.

These are the rules of typography that every student of design must know.

Doing alignment

One of the necessary aspects in typography is alignment as it has a great impact in the design aspects of any type. The main alignment options in any typographic element includes left-alignment, center-alignment and right alignment. Alignment should be changed in order to match the readability element of the type and also some aspects of aestheticism.

Kerning more

Better readability is possible for you text when the right ways of kerning are followed. The process of kerning involves adjusting the spacing between two letters in a given font. Negative spacing between letters should always be avoided as the text will look all crunched up in those cases and will be difficult foe the readers.

Sizing out

The design and the massage of the typographic elements depends on the different aspects of size of the text. The importance and parts of the text are differentiated by the elements of size. The general form is that the main headline would be the largest text on the page, followed by the sub-headers and then the body text.

Choosing font

The choice of the font is very vital for the impact of the text along with its effect on the readers mind. The different types of fonts are generally ised by the designers to implement certain massages and some formats of text are gradually associated with certain types of fonts in the market.

Measuring impact

The advancement and changes in the field of typography proves the amount of impact of these elements in the market. The readability and aspects of detainment of the information by the readers defines the success of the typographic elements in the work. This particular aspect increases the relevance of text based elements in the market.

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