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Latest trends in the animation industry

August 21st, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Like any other industry, the animation industry is also changing fast and advancing with the advent of new technologies and also bringing in new features which will change the capabilities of the industry in the modern times.

As commonly perceived, animation is not just about the big Hollywood movies. It is a discipline in demand across a range of media channels, from apps to advertising, websites to music videos and beyond.

Not only to movies but also applications, online advertisements and other animation mediums, new animation trends are set to dominate in the coming seasons.

Plus the distinction between live action and animation is narrowing all the time, as seen in the recent movie releases which also gives much independence to the storytelling are depended as much on the believability of their animated and also motion captured characters as much as the real actors.

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

If a mixture of styles is becoming much more prevalent throughout the world of animation, so is an increasing reliance on Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR). This is where, rather than a CG animator striving to create a realistic world, the 3D software is instead used to create impressionistic animation that’s much more like hand-drawn media. The majority of NPR techniques applied to 3D geometry are intended to make the scene appear two-dimensional.

CG stop motion

While a stop motion film, using traditional photography, CG and VFX tech was used extensively throughout the production pipeline from VFX either as standalone graphics to create set extensions and more complex animation, or to augment existing practical elements.

Organic media

The ability to mimic organic media, ranging from film to watercolour, is not just about capturing a look; it is about understanding the properties of the medium in question. In the present movies, motion graphics meld with traditional stylised animation to create a truly memorable piece. Also, CG animation to create realistic objects but in an environment that would be costly or just impractical to build using traditional set building techniques.

Combined styles

Nowadays films are being made with its mix of western and eastern stylistic influences is receiving plaudits for its visual originality. It takes the best design principles from both the world and present a combined aesthetic to the audiences that is very appealing and also connect instantly with the viewers.

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