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Essential tips for becoming web developer

October 6th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

In this section, we have shared some vital tips with the readers to help them become a better web developer and to integrate the qualities in themselves which are found in successful web developers in the market.

Learning code

You are coder after all so try to be the best at it. While you are learning to code it’s crucial to have someone you can ask direct questions to about the small, fiddling things to do with programming, but what’s also invaluable is having someone on-hand who can give you advice in your career, help you build a portfolio or find work. We put together a list of 20 ways you can learn to code, so have a read and find out which option is best for you. At the end of this post we’ll also be reviewing the best online and offline schools for learning to code.

Research on internet

Someone once told me that when you’re learning how to program you really learn how to Google stuff like a pro. This is a key skill as a developer. All of the answers you need to any question you might have you will find online, but knowing HOW and WHERE to find them is the touch part. You need to learn exactly which search terms are going to get you the answers you need, whether you find them on GitHub or StackOverFlow or on some obscure forum. When you understand how to Google for things you’ll find learning code will be much faster. It is part of the learning process to get from problem to solution in as little time as possible – and when you are under pressure in a real, working environment this skill will be invaluable.

Try out

By researching, you find on great websites like widgets, videos, parallax images etc. (do view source on a page). Add it to your code. Then try to understand what it is doing. This is a great way to learn any new skills and impress your friends by having something advanced to show at a relatively early stage in your learning. Websites like TryRuby are great for practicing what you’ve learnt directly in your browser without having to download any software.

Show your work

When you are pitching to do a job as a web developer you’re not asked to show your certificates, you’re asked to show what projects you have been part of creating already. This is why it’s really important to build up a portfolio of work – websites, apps, code, to show in your interview. You may also be asked technical questions in your interview, so it’s good to be prepared – read up on websites like StackOverFlow, ask questions on there and answer questions if you think you can. You’ll be building up a profile and reputation while you’re doing it. The best way to showcase your work to employers is to set up your Github page and show your projects from there.

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