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Best features for LMS administrators

October 12th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

When deciding on the best LMS platforms, there are many deciding factors to look into. The pricing, ease of use for their end-user, and other matters concerning both the functional and the aesthetic side of an LMS platform should be checked. it is also important to deliver content in an effective and efficient manner.

The best features that define the most effective LMS administrators in the market are shared with the readers.

Better UI

User interface is one of the founding stones in the LMS. The success of the LMS is heavily dependent on the structure of the user interface design. With the growth of different computation devices, there is urgent need to make the content and design more adaptive to the device in order to drive more interactivity and impact to the users.

Reporting tool

In terms of Learning Management Systems, Reports help an administrator understand the learners’ progress, track trends, sort out imperfections in the content and tweak testing to engage learners better. All of that information, and many more is available to the administrator of a complete LMS. After all, the only way to measure success is to quantify it and do the math.

Authoring tool

The system has to be easy-to-use for the administrator, and even when the administrator is well-versed with technology, this is no reason for unnecessary burdens. One of the most important things is the content authoring tool; the content authoring tool is the editor you use to create, format and rearrange content. It must provide you with all the required options to format and customize your content in a way that eliminates the need for many other external tools.

Automation tool

There are several kinds of automation that can take place in an LMS. A myriad of different types of notifications will be available to the LMS administrator and some LMSs will even allow the custom creation of notifications to cater to the specific needs of the administrator, for specific courses or even specific user groups.

More interaction

One of the biggest issues with eLearning is bridging the gap between the learners and instructor. This is very essential to give more options in the users of Learning Management System. Social learning, and there are several methods to make learning social, and give another dimension to a seemingly lonesome learning method.

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