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Best art apps that every artist should use

October 21st, 2015 | admin | Tags:

There are so many artistic applications that are available for the users. more and more exciting ones are entering in the market and making the competition more tough. These apps are different in terms of ability, interactivity, costs, modes and also vary in targeting different users as per age or ability. The recent years have witnessed a surge in the quality of applications that are entering the market.

Here are some of the best art apps that every artist must use once in their lifetime.


DesignPad app by Quark is the perfect tool for layout designers. It allows you to develop in-depth layout concepts for everything from posters to postcards to even business cards. Its grid-based design control system allows for that diversity in design and the sheer volume of controls allows users to create the layout they want down to the smallest detail.


Designed exclusively for the iPad, Paper is a simple man’s drawing tool, and that’s what makes it so much fun to use. The tool is aptly named because it is designed to look and feel like a blank slate of paper. Whereas other drawing tools are chalk-full of menus and settings that often make things too confusing, Paper offers you a number of digital notebooks to choose from.


iDraw is a vector graphics and illustration app for iPad that is more basic than Infinite Design but does have some advanced features for experienced designers as well. It is easy to group and align the objects using the app and the grids and rulers help make sure that your finished design doesn’t look sloppy or messy. The award-winning app has now gone through multiple iterations to improve functionality and access to tools. Its exporting and sharing functionality is especially impressive and allows you to export drawings into a PDF and allows you to sync and save your drawings with Dropbox or the iCloud.

Art Set

Art Set is an app for all ages that allows users to create art with paints, crayons, pens, pencils, pastels, a whole raft of blending tools, and painting over personal photos. Users rave about how clean the design is and how easy it is for anyone, especially young children, to use. It’s great for beginners who just want to fool around with different ways to create art, but it also works for more talented and experienced artists by offering them an array of different options for creating works of art.

Infinite Design

The app is now only available for Android, this vector graphics app allows users to create designs on tablet or smartphone. Its symmetry tools, special effects options, and ability to make nuanced and detailed changes to the design will excite experienced designers. While the easy redo system and fittingly infinite layers and canvas allow beginners to mess around with the designs while they learn the basics. You can import images from your gallery, camera, or the web and you can also save your creations as a JPEG or PNG.

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