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Advantages of virtual 3D architectural walkthrough

October 15th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Architectural 3D modeling is beneficial for those instances in which we will benefit from seeing a physical object in a solid form. For this reason, 2D models cannot justify the results required from observing the model. The process of 3D modeling allows artists to learn a variety of techniques and forms to create models, animation and even visualizations. As these artists are taught varying techniques, productivity increases as each technique is best for create specific types of the models.

The advantages of using virtual architectural 3D walkthrough are many. Some of the main factors are given.

Business tool

Using 3D models is a very useful business tool. Through the use of 3D models and 3D visualizations we are able to create concepts which can easily be learned by visual or tactile learners. That is, those who learn best by visual recognition of an object, and those who learn best by being able to feel, or take part in an object.

Path-breaking technology

3D models that can mimic art through the use of complex lighting, and photo realistic capabilities created with 3D modeling software programs. We are able to create artistic 3D models, which can benefit the arts as providing another media. Sculpture is one of the earliest forms of 3D modeling, and now, we are able to take sculpture to a new level, with the use of 3D modeling software which can create new media.

Assist sales

Property development companies require 3D models of developments for planning committees, zoning, architects, and designers and most important, to pre-sell the properties before the buildings have been completed. Customers purchase the property based on the models alone, justifying the importance of creating accurate and concise 3D models, which can be rendered in the form of a tour of the unit.

Saves time

When done with conventional methods, these architectural designs and planning require uncountable hours to produce useful documents which reliable information. However, survival in this highly competitive environment demands to deliver quality output within required budget and time. The computer aided design and majorly 3D architectural walkthrough can help save abundance time and efforts while generating useful data which satisfy every construction documentation and promotional needs.

Easy method

3D visualization, which takes root in 3D modelling, is the easiest way to understand floor plans as well. The best part about 3D modeling and 3D walkthrough is that these can simply be converted to a 3D walkthrough, from a 2D floor plan, with the help of Computer Aided Design (CAD) services. 3D modeling is truly a boon to the profession of architectural design and 3D walkthrough allows these architectural designs to be viewed and sold with no difficulty at all.

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