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All you wanted to know about User Interface Design

September 30th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

The user interface, in the industrial design field of human–machine interaction, is the space where interactions between humans and machines occur. The goal of this interaction is to allow effective operation and control of the machine from the human end, whilst the machine simultaneously feeds back information that aids the operators’ decision making process. Examples of this broad concept of user interfaces include the interactive aspects of computer operating systems, hand tools, heavy machinery operator controls, and process controls. The design considerations applicable when creating user interfaces are related to […]

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Things to remember about Anatomy for Art Students

September 27th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

The fundamental hindrance that art students face is understanding the basics of anatomy. Anatomy or figure drawing instruction is an element of most fine art and illustration programs. A figure drawing is a drawing of the human form in any of its various shapes and postures using any of the drawing media. The term can also refer to the act of producing such a drawing. The degree of representation may be from highly detailed, anatomically correct renderings to loose and expressive sketches. A life drawing is a drawing of the […]

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Explanation of Color Theory in Design

September 24th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Color in design is very subjective. What evokes one reaction in one person may evoke a very different reaction in someone else. Sometimes this is due to personal preference, and other times due to cultural background. Color theory is a science in itself. Warm Colors Warm colors include red, orange, and yellow, and variations of those three colors. These are the colors of fire, of fall leaves, and of sunsets and sunrises, and are generally energizing, passionate, and positive. Red and yellow are both primary colors, with orange falling in […]

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Know the real Principles of Character Animation

September 21st, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Character animation is a specialized area of the animation process, which involves bringing animated characters to life. The role of a Character Animator is analogous to that of a film or stage actor, and character animators are often said to be actors with a pencil ot a mouse. Character animators breathe life in their characters, creating the illusion of thought, emotion and personality. Character animation is often distinguished from creature animation, which involves bringing photo-realistic animals and creatures to life. Though typical examples of character animation are found in animated […]

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Things you should know about motion graphics

September 18th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Motion graphics are digital footage or animation technology to create the illusion of motion or rotation, and are usually combined with audio for use in multimedia projects. Motion graphics are usually displayed via electronic media technology, but may be displayed via manual powered technology. Motion graphics extend beyond the most commonly used methods of frame-by-frame footage and animation. Computers are capable of calculating and randomizing changes in imagery to create the illusion of motion and transformation. Computer animations can use less memory by automatically tweening, a process of rendering the […]

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Disney live action remake of The Jungle Book is launched

September 15th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Watch #TheJungleBookTrailer Does anyone remember watching the 1967 Disney animated feature named “The Jungle Book”? It was an adaptation of the 19th century British author Rudyard kipling’s book of the same which is set in India contains fables using animals and featuring Mowgli for teaching moral lessons. This Jungle Book is being directed by Jon Favreau and stars newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli. It also has the impeccable casting of Bill Murray as the voice of Baloo, Idris Elba as Shere Khan, Ben Kingsley as Bagheera, Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha, […]

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Benefits of learning AutoCAD

September 12th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

AutoCAD software is being used on large scale basis by a number of engineering professionals and firms for various applications. The most common application of CAD software is designing and drafting. Here are some of the benefits of implementing CAD systems in the companies. Visualization Without a doubt, the ability to transform an idea into something visible, even if we’re talking about a rough draft, is the biggest advantage of any CAD software. This is not of so much use for you, the professional, as it is to the people […]

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Best techniques in Video Editing

September 9th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Today’s video editing applications are affordable, accessible and incredibly powerful tools for video postproduction. Video editing programs like these let you do way more than just edit video clips together. They allow you to turn ordinary edits into polished, professional video productions.  These 5 tips will help you UP your editing power. Color Correction & Effects Video editors have discovered that almost every clip can benefit from at least a small amount of color correction. Whether you’re crushing the blacks, boosting the mids or honing the highlights, color correction is […]

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Know the art of Rotoscoping for VFX

September 6th, 2015 | admin | Tags:

Rotoscoping is the process of manually altering film or video footage one frame at a time. The frames can be painted on arbitrarily to create custom animated effects like lightning or lightsabres, or traced to create realistic traditional style animation or to produce hold-out mattes for compositing elements in a scene and, more recently, to produce depth maps for stereo conversion. The art of rotoscoping changed considerably with the introduction of digital tools such as Flame, Mocha, Silhouette, Digital Fusion, Nuke and Adobe After Effects. With a thorough knowledge of […]

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Know the essentials of 3D animation training

September 3rd, 2015 | admin | Tags:

What is 3D animation? To explain it in technical terms, 3D animation is the rapid display of sequential images of three-dimensional computer graphics that use a three-dimensional representation of geometric data. 3D animation adds a third dimension to traditional animation, giving scenes and characters a more realistic and engaging feel. The realism also makes 3D animation a useful tool for medical instructional videos, interior design plans and military training. With a mix of for-fun and extremely useful functions, 3D animation is here to stay. 3D animation training Training for a […]

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