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Arena Animation Bundgarden


32 Months Normal track- 18 Months Fast track


Develop your visualization & graphic skills, and learn to design for print & advertising

Modules Tools
Concepts of Graphics and Illustrations-
Anatomy Study-
Typography Design-
Digital Illustrations Adobe Illustrator CC
Digital Painting Adobe Photoshop Extended CC
Digital Filmmaking Concepts-
Sound Editing Adobe Audition CC
Video Editing Adobe Premier Pro CC
Portfolio Project

You will get a Certificate in AAIP in Graphic & Visual Design (GVD) on completion of the first semester of the course.

Create a 2D animation portfolio & learn 2D digital graphics, scripting & storyboarding.

Modules Tools
Storyboarding & Animatics Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Concepts of 2D Animation-
Digital Pre-Production- Adobe Animate CC
2D Animation using Animate CC
Learn Pixar RenderMan, exclusively available at Arena Animation, and create life-like crowd simulation, models, textures, light effects, rigs, and animation.

Modules Tools
3D Basics – Modeling to Animation- MAYA Unlimited
3D Modeling MAYA Unlimited
Texturing MAYA Unlimited
Lighting & Rendering MAYA Unlimited
Rigging MAYA Unlimited
Animation MAYA Unlimited
Dynamics & Realistic Features MAYA Unlimited
Working with Arnold Renderer Arnold renderer for Maya
Crowd Simulation Golaem Crowd
3D Portfolio Project
Learn digital compositing: wire removal, colour correction, green/blue screen, match-

Modules Tools
Pre-visualization Maya
Introduction to Nuke Nuke
Rotoscope Silhouette & Nuke
Wire Removal Nuke
Colour Correction Nuke
Green/Blue Screen Nuke
Matchmoving & Camera tracking Nuke X
Matte Painting Nuke & Photoshop
Matchmaking in Mocha Mocha
Portfolio Demoreel Project

moving & camera tracking using NUKE.

You will get a Certificate in AAIP – VFX on completion of all the semesters of the course.